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Nampa Coroplast Signs

Coroplast signs are the signs to use if you want a simple yet effective way to promote an event, product, service, or other information you want your customers to see once they spot the sign.

custom yard signs

Hi-Tech Color is a popular and well-loved Nampa sign company known for creating personalized and high-quality signs that can be used for events, promotions, and other business activities. We customize them to match any brand and make sure that they are made from only the best materials to guarantee durability even in sudden weather changes.

Our custom Nampa coroplast signs use corrugated plastic, which is lightweight and durable. We can personalize it to include your brand personality and frame the message to be easy to understand and compel people to act positively.

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Promotional Signs for Business

Businesses who wish to be visible and expand their presence in the market without spending too much on large signs and advertisements will greatly benefit from coroplast signs. These signs are easy to customize to match any message or purpose, and they are very durable and lightweight.

custom corrugated yard sign

The custom Nampa coroplast signs you can request from us at Hi-Tech Color can be used for the following:

  1. Company events and marketing activities
  2. Serve as a directional marker for areas like parking and inform people regarding local ordinances
  3. Advertisement for popular products and services
  4. Advertisement for seasonal and new items and services
  5. Serve as an announcement sign regarding construction operations and similar events in the area.

Hi-Tech Color makes sure that your signs get to you as fast as possible without compromising their quality. Our team is experienced in creating personalized coroplast signs that match our client’s needs no matter how specific the designs should be. We are also open to working with you, even if you are on a budget. Simply let us know your business goals and your design requirements, and we’ll show you how we’ll make it fit your budget.

Custom Real Estate Signage

Real estate agents and companies are the top users of our personalized Nampa, ID coroplast signs. The reason they use coroplast signs is that they are very effective in calling out to prospective buyers regarding for-sale properties and key real estate events if it is designed accordingly.

Nampa Coroplast Signs coroplast signs yard signs cnFor our real estate coroplast signs, we make sure that the signs are personalized to match the real estate agent’s personality to give them an edge over other coroplast signs. We can also create the supporting materials you may need to support your real estate campaign, such as open house flyers, catalogs, and others.

Let our team know what you need for your real estate event, and we’ll create a cohesive sign and printed material campaign that will help you make that sale.

Call Hi-Tech Color at (208) 565-2443 for your Free Consultation with a Nampa Coroplast Sign expert!

Political & Campaign Signs

Coroplast signs are also perfect for political campaigns and activities because of their unique features and benefits.

Nampa Coroplast Signs yard signs coroplast signs cnPolitical candidates love these signs because they can be brought everywhere, installed everywhere, and cheap to produce and purchase.

For these types of coroplast signs, let us know what you want us to display on the sign face and your party affiliation. We will then incorporate your party colors with your message and help you pick the right place to install these signs to get the impressions you need.

When you distribute these coroplast signs to your supporters, or if they purchase them online, you will be able to expand your campaign to their communities and reach out to more people who may agree with your slogan but do not know you.

Free Coroplast Sign Consultation

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When it comes to quality coroplast signs that will be personalized to your exact standards, you won’t be disappointed with Hi-Tech Color. Our team will be with you in every step and make sure that your signs are what you envisioned.

Wherever you want to use these coroplast signs, we guarantee they will deliver positive results once installed and push you forward to the goals you have for your business or political campaign.

Call Hi-Tech Color at (208) 565-2443 for your Free Consultation with a Nampa Coroplast Sign expert!